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Pre-Regs: Want To Locum When You Qualify?

If you’re a budding pre-reg pharmacist preparing to take (and pass!) the final exam, Pharmaseekers wishes you the best of luck and also offers a few helpful insights for your career once the exam has been completed.

It’s never too soon to begin thinking about the future and whilst it might seem like you have enough on your plate right now with your exam revision and your placement, in a few short months that will have passed and you will have your qualification and the burning question of where to go next.

We’re here to help you answer that.

What To Do

Firstly, it’s best to register with Pharmaseekers early:

  • Don’t wait until you qualify or you may miss work opportunities.
  • A DBS is a great advantage as most companies require this.  Our blogs, here and here can explain more about the DBS and it’s importance.
  • Locums’ testimonials are available here.

Do you already have a job lined up? Would you like to locum on your days off? We provide work for locums looking for both full or part time work.

Your key requirements are listed below: this is what you need to complete before you start work:

Don’t worry if you haven’t completed these yet, you can still go ahead and register with us and add them as you complete them. You should contact us if you have any questions about this and we will be glad to help.

We’ve listed all the many advantages of working with us here.

Some FAQs You May Have For Us

  • Do you have work in my area?
  • Where are the best areas for work?

For help with these questions please refer to our page about areas where we need locums here.

  • Which companies do you work with?  – We work with most of the large companies and many small chains and independents too. 
  • How do I book work through you? You need to register with us, once you have uploaded your documents, we have received your references back and you have your GPhC number you are ready for offers. More about this here.
  • How do I get registered with big companies? We can help you with this once you are registered with Pharmaseekers.
  • How will I get paid? We provide information about this on your booking in your online diary.

How much is your service? Our service is FREE to locums.

So if you would like more information or to get an understanding of how our system can be a benefit to you and what you can expect to experience once you’ve qualified, make sure you register with us today.

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