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Pharmaseekers; Who We Are and What We're About

Updated: May 31

Pharmaseekers have been running as a locum agency for over 20 years now and you may have heard about us, but do you know us?

We pride ourselves on being the friendliest locum agency you can find and make ourselves accesible to our locums and customers.

We know that there are lots of choices when it comes to locum pharmacy agencies. We also appreciate that using a locum agency, whether you're a locum or a pharmacy businees, means putting your trust in someone else with an important aspect of your business. Trusting a faceless organisation is a big ask so with this in mind, we wanted to share more about who we are and what motivates us.

When did the Pharmaseekers journey start?

Pharmaseekers was established in 2002 by a young Rebecca. Armed with her conviction in being able to build a stellar locum pharmacy agency, she started what is now a highly respected brand within the industry.

Joined by her sister Amy in 2003, they built their locum and customer base and earnt a reputation of being a professional and approachable team.

Who are Pharmaseekers?

Today the Pharmaseekers team is made up of Amy, Rebecca, Shabana and Katie. With all team members being a part of the Pharmaseekers business for at least 10 years, it's less of a team and more of a family.

So, who makes up the family?


The founding Pharmaseekian, Rebecca loves interacting with our locums and customers to help people on a day-to-day basis.

Outside of the Pharmaseekers office, you will find Rebecca enjoying a CrossFit workout or spending some time with her family in the kitchen, rustling up some healthy meals.


Like her sister, Amy enjoys offering a hands on, customer focussed approach at Pharmaseekers and our tight-knit team.

If Amy isn't helping locums with payment queries or helping people with registrations, she'll be exploring that Lancashire outdoors with her family.


Also known as "The Fixer" in the office, there aren't many problems Shabana can't solve in the locum world.

It's hard to know where she might be when she's not at work as she has a thirst for travel. She might be in Milan or she might be in Malta! When she's back with the team, she always has a story to share and a new friend to tell us about.


In particular, Katie enjoys a lot of the "behind the scenes" work that goes into making Pharmaseekers what it is, especially research into service improvements.

When Katie isn't at work, she's probably reading a book or cooking a meal with her husband.

What motivates Pharmaseekers?


The whole team are passionate about the experience we're providing to our service users. We want our loyal service users to see our passion about what we do reflected in the service they receive from us. We know it's vital that we genuinely care about what we do to be able to provide the best possible service we can.


We're motivated by the conviction that we can, and do, provide the best possible service that a locum pharmacy agency can deliver. We know our approach to arranging locum cover for pharmacy businesses works and gives our locums and customers a reliable service that goes the extra mile.


When we help a customer secure cover for an important date or when a locum tells us how happy they are with the shifts they have booked with us, it motivates us greatly. Whenever we get any positive feedback that tells us our service users are getting the experience they want and need from us, it's both a vindication and inspiration to keep moving forward.


We wouldn't find half the amount of enjoyment that we do in our job if it didn't include so much interaction with our locums and customers. The direct communication we have provides us with a genuine, personal investment into wanting to help all our users get what they're looking for. If you're a locum missing a payment from a worked shift, we share your frustration and will share the stress of chasing that missing amount for you. If you're a customer, desperate to have a day off for that special occasssion, we want to get you there too and we'll explore all avenues to make it happen. We never want to be a faceless organisation.

What do we hope for the future?


We hope that more locums and pharmacy businesses continue to join the Pharmaseekers' family and find worth in the values-lead service that we provide. We approach our service provision with our service users at the core of what we do. We hope this continues to appeal to prospective locums and businesses looking to use the services of a locum pharmacy agency.


We hope that our service continues to offer our users the in-depth levels of support they value. We are always reviewing and assessing our ways of working to ensure that the support we're offering suits our locums and customers as the industry is consistently evolving.


We hope that we can continue to collaborate with other pharmaceuitcal agencies and bodies to offer the best possible service we can to all our users. We've recently met up with Naomi from Community Pharmacy Lancashire & South Cumbria to discuss how our agency can work with CPLSC to offer additional guidance to locums and, by proxy, support service provision in customers branches.

If you think Pharmaseekers sounds like the agency for you, we'd love for you to join the family.

You can choose the appropriate button for you to start the registration process.

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