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Partnering with Pharmaseekers; The benefits of avoiding restrictive contracts & subscription fees when sourcing locum pharmacy cover

Updated: May 24

Are you looking for temporary, interim & contract staff? Make sure you avoid restrictive contracts & subscription fees when sourcing locum pharmacy cover.

A responsive locum pharmacy agency

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A Responsive Agency

We know that organising your locum cover requires careful attention and planning. At Pharmaseekers, we are easily contactable via a variety of methods and you will get a swift response.

We won't take your company for granted once we've secured your custom, you will continue to receive the same level of attention you deserve and expect.

We won't force you to browse FAQs or talk to automated robots, we're here to give you a human response and the support you need.


Only pay for what you need

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Save with Pharmaseekers

With Pharmaseekers, there are no upfront costs involved. We won't ask you to pay for anything other than what you use.

If we can't cover it, you don't pay.

We also don't charge you for cancellations.

Fulfilling your locum needs shouldn't cost your business twice.

With a traditional booking fee pricing model, you will only ever pay for what you actually need.

And with Pharmaseekers, we only charge you for what you actually use, we only invoice you the month after the locum has worked and we don’t charge you for cancellations.


Contract free locum sourcing

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No Contracts with Pharmaseekers

We appreciate that each business is unique and so will be your locum cover requirements from month to month.

We wont ask you to tie your company down to a restrictive contract.

As a locum pharmacy agency, we feel like subscription fees can also be considered as a financial penalisation. We don't think customers wanting to secure the best locums for their business should face a premium charge for that.


Favourites for free

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Your favourite locums without additional cost

At Pharmaseekers, we don't charge you for having access to book your favourite locums for your business.

We believe that it's a hallmark of a good locum pharmacy agency to include securing your preferred locums as part of their general service.

If we can't secure one of your preferred locums, you still have full access to all our other approved locums as potential candidates for your shifts.

Whether they are a returning favourite or a new face, you are only paying for one locum.

We think a good agency, with the interests of their customers at their core, should always seek to book the best fit for a branch where possible as part of their normal business.

We don’t think booking your favourite locums should require a subscription as it has the potential to cost a business twice if the locum isn’t free, but they need to find other cover for the shift.


We'd love to talk to you about any questions you might have about our service.

We're easily reached via telephone, email or WhatsApp.

Get in touch!

Call: 01254 870 510

WhatsApp: 07889725792

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