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Pre-Reg Pharmacists; Registration & Working With Us


We are on the look out for new pharmacists to join our locum team. We encourage Pre-Reg pharmacists to register with us well in advance so that once you qualify we can offer you work quickly. You can start a registration as a Pre-Reg pharmacist with us at any time and add your certificates and credentials in the months before you receive your GPhC number. It’s best to do it in advance as certain aspects of our registration process take time, such as checking your references or doing your Locum ID (Right to work in UK) check. Every year we are contacted by Pre-Reg pharmacists who are surprised to learn that they can’t get booked for a shift there & then.

Preparation is the key to a smooth start

A DBS certificate, whilst not essential to get started with us, is valuable as it can dramatically increase the number of companies you can locum for.  A DBS certificate can take anything up to 10 weeks to be processed.

Our Values

Our registration process is thorough. This is because, here at Pharmaseekers we like to do everything by the book. Our customers expect this of us and we’ve signed contracts with them to say that we will. We are also guided by certain government bodies like the Home Office and DBS to follow their rules about checking our locum’s documentation. We are looking for quality locums. The values that we work to are Reliable, Efficient, Effective, Industry Progressive & Responsive you can be assured that you will receive this from us in our interactions with you.

Our blogs

Read our blogs for great advice about becoming a new locum, John’s Top Shift Tips & 7 tips on how to get great feedback provide great insight. If you have spoken to us on the phone you may have received the benefit of Shabana’s “being the boss of your own business” pep talk! I often hear her saying “you are representing yourself” to new locums and it’s sound advice. You are self-employed and providing a good service to the pharmacy customers that we send you to will result in good feedback and being invited back again in the future. Some of our most experienced locums have some great tips to share here. We regularly post new blogs with helpful advice on locum life. Follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to get access to our newest blogs as they’re published.


We have many locums who don’t drive but manage to commute to their bookings via public transport. So don’t worry if you don’t drive or haven’t got around to buying a car yet, we will take this into account when offering you vacancies. You can indicate on your online diary whether you are travelling via public transport or not.

The way we work

You will need a decent smartphone. You will add your available dates online and we will send you booking offers via text, email and via your online diary. Being able to use the internet on your phone is a must. If you would like to know more about a pharmacy before you accept a booking from us, we recommend that you ring the store directly to check number of items, staffing levels & the computer system. Only accept bookings that you feel comfortable with.

Take our advice & watch the work roll in!

Your online diary is yours to access and control after registration. Please try and keep it up date with your available dates as much as possible. Respond as quickly as you can to our offers as it’s a competitive market and the quicker you respond the more likely the booking will be successful. It takes lots of organisation to run a Locum Agency. Make it easy for us to book you by being reliable and flexible and not cancelling bookings. You will be rewarded with lots of booking offers = a full diary.

Essential documents for registration:

  1. Locum ID check (Right to Work check with relevant ID documents)

  2. Proof of national insurance

  3. Professional Indemnity Insurance – a free insurance period is available for newly qualified pharmacists with the PDA

Recommended documents/criteria to maximise pre-reg pharmacists bookings:

If you have any questions that we haven’t covered here or on the Pre-Reg page please feel free to give us a call or send an email to

Good luck in your final exam, we hope to hear from you soon and welcome you as one of our pre-reg pharmacists.

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