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Smartcard Renewal - Ins and Outs

With the help of resources from CPE and NHS Digital, we want to provide you the guidance needed to complete a successful Smartcard renewal.

As a locum pharmacist, locum technician or locum dispensers, your NHS Smartcard is a vital asset. It's an essential tool in you providing your service to the best of your ability and supporting your customers in the delivery of their services. We know it's important that you maintain constant accessibility and use of your Smartcard. We hope this blog will help provide you with some answers on what to do when faced with needing to complete a Smartcard Renewal.

To begin with, for any overall Smartcard information, please check the CPE website Smartcard section. All the information here will be relevant to pharmacy professionals using a smartcard.

Renewing your Smartcard

CPE advises that Smartcards expire after two years if a renewal isn't completed. You will become aware that your card is due for renewal when you receive the renewal prompt upon logging in with your card.

The two routes to renewal are as follows

  1. Renew your own Smartcard online

    1. Full guidance on this can be found here, provide by NHS Digital

  2. Renew with assistance from Administrator/Sponsor

    1. Read more about this on the CPE page, under the renewal section

Please note that once a smartcard has expired, it is not possible to retroactively renew it. You will have to contact your local RA authority to obtain a new one. Click HERE to obtain the contact details of the RA Authority responsible for Smartcard services in your area.

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