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How to get the best out of your locum pharmacist

Amy’s hints & tips:-

  1. Be welcoming, show the locum pharmacist around, explain when the regular pharmacist/manager usually takes their breaks & lunch & how the pharmacy usually operates with walk-ins, collection and delivery service, methadone preparation.

  2. Make sure that reference books and paperwork for MUR/NMS etc are easy to find.

  3. If there is anything that the locum pharmacist needs to know in advance, please let us know, we’ll pass it on. Let us know if you need any specific enhanced service accreditations.

  4. Leave instructions for the computer system, for example passwords and a user manual. (We usually ensure that locums have knowledge of your computer system).

  5. Tell the locum pharmacist what needs to be done and by what time, especially if deliveries or blister packs need to be checked by a certain time.

  6. The importance of communication. Tell the locum what you want them to do, especially with a locum who has not worked at the pharmacy before. If there’s anything that’s not going well during the shift, speak to the locum about it in the first instance, we find that bad feedback is often caused by miscommunication. Likewise, feel free to give good feedback throughout the shift, its encouraging.

  7. Make sure our system is up to date with details of where’s best to park and how to get paid. This feeds directly into the locum’s diary.

  8. Finally, keep the locum happy and hydrated with lots of cups of tea!

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