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Book ahead to save!

Secure your dates with ease whilst paying lower fees

Book ahead now!

Do you need to organise locum cover for your pharmacy due to an upcoming holiday?

We can help you cut the cost, save time and secure quality locums.

Book ahead! – Rarely do we tell a customer ‘You’re too early’ when they wish to book in advance.

Booking ahead has many advantages:

  1. Secure quality locums; It allows you to secure experienced and highly sought-after locum pharmacists who get booked up well in advance. It gives you a much better chance of securing the dates you need. We will be more likely to cover consecutive dates with the same locum; giving you continuity.

  1. Lower booking fees; Pharmaseekers’ booking fees are much lower when you give us advanced notice for the cover you need. Read the booking fees page on our website for further information: Pharmaseekers Booking Fees.

  1. Lower locum costs; some of our locums prefer the security of booking in advance and often do so at market standard rates. Booking in advance should help you achieve a lower overall cost for regular dates.

Not sure of specific dates yet but want the advantages of booking ahead?

  1. If you have favourite locums for your branch but aren’t sure when to take a holiday, just let us know. We can get your favourite locums’ availability and you can choose when to go on holiday based on their free dates.

  2. If you don’t really have any favourites but want to take the same approach, again, let us know. Booking in advance means you have the pick of locum availability, we will be able to provide you with the free dates of a variety of quality locums for you to choose from.

In our experience…

By leaving booking cover closer to the dates needed, we find that a lot of our customers lose continuity and ultimately have to accept a number of locums doing odd days that they can squeeze in.

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