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A better approach to permanent pharmacy recruitment?

With community permanent pharmacy recruitment, the challenge is to match the right pharmacist, dispenser or technician to the right community pharmacy. That’s where Pharmaseekers can help. For years we’ve been using our experience to successfully place locum staff for short and long-term posts within community pharmacies.

Having perfected our skills in finding suitable placements for locum pharmacists, and helping retail community pharmacies cope with periods of sickness or holidays, Pharmaseekers offer the same great service for permanent community pharmacy vacancies.

Our innovative process will match community pharmacies seeking to fill permanent pharmacy roles with those who are suitably qualified, experienced and registered. As well as the practical skills, we’ll ensure that we find permanent pharmacy staff who also have the people skills to fit into your team and effectively deal with your customers.


Pharmaseekers’ permanent pharmacy recruitment service will ensure that vacant, permanent full-time or part-time pharmacy roles are filled by suitably qualified and vetted staff who will not only fulfil professional requirements but will also complement existing teams.

How can Pharmaseekers be so sure that candidates will be the right fit for the job? We simply let you, as the pharmacy owner or manager, decide.

Our  process allows pharmacists, dispensers and technicians who are seeking a permanent role and registered with the Pharmaseekers agency to work at a vacant permanent position on a locum basis. Only when both the community pharmacy AND the pharmacist, dispenser or technician are happy do we set the wheels in motion for a permanent placement.


As the owner or manager of a retail community pharmacy seeking to fill a permanent pharmacy vacancy with a pharmacist, dispenser or technician, you’ll be looking for someone who has the right qualifications and chemistry to fit in with the staff already in place.

With Pharmaseekers, pharmacists, dispensers and technicians can experience the role before making a long-term commitment and pharmacy or practice managers are able to accurately evaluate candidates without worrying that recruitment costs will be wasted if the  candidate doesn’t fit in with other staff or demonstrate the right attitude for your pharmacy.

On the other side of the equation, you might be a pharmacist who has previously worked as a locum and are now considering a permanent role; a permanent pharmacist who is returning to employment after a period of leave who wants to ensure that you find the right environment in which to work – either part-time or full-time; or a practicing permanent pharmacist looking for a suitable new challenge.


It’s a Win-Win for both you and the applicant!

Using this approach of try before you buy, Pharmaseekers ensures a perfect match where both parties are happy.

  Use locum days to evaluate the applicant in the real environment

 Allow the applicant to get to know you

 Your staff get to work with the applicant and tell you what they think before you appoint them

 Its quick and easy

  We have locums seeking permanent work available now

Whether you’re seeking a locum or to fill a vacancy with a permanent candidate, get in touch with us to talk through your options. Don’t delay, the ideal candidate could be waiting for you. Register now

Once we know that you are looking to fill a permanent position Pharmaseekers can have prospective permanent pharmacy staff matched to their potential new employer as soon as the next day, ready for you both to figure out if you can work together on a permanent basis.

At Pharmaseekers, we’re determined to make the pharmacy recruitment process as easy as possible from every angle. Community pharmacy owners or managers as well as pharmacists, dispensers and technicians will all find our  permanent recruitment process easy to use with excellent results.

This service is now available at a flat rate of £1,000 per recruit until June 2018

* Terms and conditions apply.

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