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Looking for an approved locum?

Running community pharmacies can be demanding and booking good quality reliable locum pharmacists, locum dispensers or locum technicians is yet another difficult issue to handle.

Locum Pharmacies

On-line with Pharmaseekers you can:

Locum Pharmacists & Agents   Request a locum pharmacist, locum dispenser or locum technician
Locum Pharmacy Agents   See the locum’s details
locum agencies   Approve the locum

After the booking you can comment on the locum pharmacist, locum dispenser or locum technician and indicate whether you want the same locum again in the future or not
We take care of all the essential background detail including checking the locum has:

locum pharmacy agency   the right to work in the UK and is registered with the GPhC,
Locum Pharmacist Agency   a clear DBS and good references
Locum Pharmacy   a good record of punctuality and rarely cancels a booking once accepted

All you need to do is register with us and the process is simple!

We have been working with the girls at Pharmaseekers on a regular basis for the past seven years and find them to provide an excellent, reliable service. They have been extremely helpful and professional recently in ensuring we only have locum pharmacists covering our pharmacies with all the latest declarations of competence to meet new NHS criteria. The website is very user friendly, and we can literally see our bookings being covered within minutes of loading them on. The girls have never let us down, nothing is ever too much trouble, even out of hours, they are absolutely fantastic and we look forward to working together for many more years to come. We would recommend Pharmaseekers to any Pharmacy looking for locum cover and even locums looking for work!

James Sawyer Area Manager, Whittle Pharmacies Ltd

James Sawyer Area Manager, Whittle Pharmacies Ltd

What if my pharmacist, dispenser or technician falls sick?

You can request a locum on-line and our aim is to have them there for opening (depending on on availability and the amount of notice we receive). Check out the benefits of locums if you consider to work with us and view our customer testimonials to see what other pharmacies have said about us.

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