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Why we encourage locum pharmacists to get an Enhanced DBS check

The ‘DBS Certificate’ is one of our most popular queries at Pharmaseekers. A lot of people want to know what it is and whether the certificate is an essential document.

Why should I get the DBS certificate?

We highly recommend locums do apply for and get themselves an Enhanced DBS check. The reason why is simply more work, let us break down for you how  it is essential to secure a lot of the work available right now:

  1. Customer Requests: A large proportion of our customers insist the locums we book for them have a valid Enhanced DBS certificate (also signed up to the checking service). This request is not a ‘desirable’ accreditation that these customers will still book locums without. It’s an essential document and they won’t allow us to book anyone without it. As a result, you could miss out on great work by not having the certificate.

  2. The Customers: Large multiples hold the largest proportion of locum work throughout the year. The vast majority of these insist locums have a valid DBS. You may be thinking ‘Well, that’s okay, I want to avoid working for large multiples’. However, we also have a significant percentage of independent pharmacies and chains who insist upon the certificate.

  3. Limited availability: A lot of pharmacists work their locum shifts in addition to a full time job, university or family responsibilities. This often means that these pharmacists have only a few, select dates available in their diaries. Limited dates inevitably result in a smaller proportion of work we are able to offer. For these locums the document is practically essential in order to receive a decent amount of work offers. No certificate & limited availability will severely undercut the potential offers available to anyone.

Additional DBS information

Amy’s DBS guide blog is a great source of information: Click Here

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