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The Pharmacy Show 2014

Pharmaseekers had a stand at the Pharmacy show this week at the NEC. There was a great turnout (despite falling on Eid), many thanks to all the locums and customers who visited us on our stand. We were fortunate to have a place close to the entrance of the Clinical Theatre and the workshop so we did get noticed in our bright green sashes, as people filed into the presentations. It was a really enjoyable two days, you can see in the photograph we were having a good time! Shabana and Katie joined Amy and I for the Sunday show but stayed in the office on Monday to run the business. We all loved meeting customers and locums and in some cases putting faces to names for the first time. We also met people from all areas of the industry and enjoyed networking. Ecigs seemed to be a big attraction this year. We were surprised to see so many stands promoting them. We didn’t make it to the Ecig debate but were informed that the response was more for than against. Would we go again? Definitely. The atmosphere was very friendly and welcoming and we hope it has a very positive impact on our agency. It was great to get out of the Pharmaseekers bubble and make new connections. Now we are back to work, providing a great locum service to Pharmacies across the country, click here to see how.

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