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Supplying Locums to non-Community Pharmacy settings; The Many Talents of Pharmacists, Technicians an

Not just Community…

At Pharmaseekers, we have a quality roster of qualified and vetted locums. These sought after locums include Pharmacists, Technicians and Dispensers and all of these roles play a vital part in the efficient and effective work of pharmacy. What can sometimes be overlooked is how vital they can be in non-community pharmacy settings.

How can they be effective outside of Community Pharmacy?

All of our locums are fully qualified and as such, they have a wealth of knowledge and skills that can be easily transferred to other, non-community pharmaceutical settings.

Which other settings have we provided locums to?

Privately run hospital dispensaries

  1. We provide all levels of pharmacy staff to a variety of private run hospital dispensaries. Our quality locums provide vital support to outpatients departments.

Internet/Hub Pharmacies

  1. We provide all levels of pharmacy staff to a variety of large and smaller independent companies operating non-customer facing facilities.

Pharmaceutical Industry settings

  1. We provide pharmacists to companies specialising in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products.

Domiciliary Care / Medication Co-ordinator

  1. We provide both temporary and permanent staff (Techs and Pharmacists) to provide medicines audit support.

GP Surgeries

  1. We provide both temporary and permanent staff to work within GP dispensaries. We also provide GPs with both Independent Prescribers and non-independent prescriber trained pharmacists for patient facing support roles.


  1. We provide pharmacists and techs to prisons.

Vaccination Services

  1. We can provide locums trained in the administration of vaccinations. We ask for locums to provide proof of training within the last 3 years. We have most recently provided locums for COVID-19 vaccination clinics.

And more…

Could our locums help you?

If you don’t have a Community Pharmacy and the nature of your business doesn’t match the list above, please still get in touch. The list above isn’t exhaustive and if you think our locums might have skills that could be useful to you, it’s worth enquiring. We’d make sure we knew what duties you were looking for a locum to do and we’d speak with them prior to the confirmation of any bookings to be certain they were capable.

We look forward to hearing from you!

You can call us on?:  01254870510

You can email us at ?: 

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