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Reach out post – How are you?

Well, what a couple of months we’ve had!

We wanted to keep in touch with you during what has been the most unorthodox time for all our locums and customers since we started the business over a decade ago.

Firstly, a huge, heartfelt thank you to all our locums and our customers. Despite the risks and extreme pressure you are all facing, you haven’t just maintained your standards, you’ve worked harder. From a company perspective, thank you for your patience, kindness and laughs we’ve all had together through this crazy time. In spite of the tremendous stress you’re all under, we’ve had nothing but positive attitudes and humour since the beginning and it’s certainly made the difficult situations easier to navigate.

Secondly, how are you? If we haven’t had an opportunity to speak to you in the past couple of months, we genuinely hope you’re keeping well.

You’re obviously doing an amazing job in taking care of our community, but we also hope you’re practising self-care and looking after yourself? Make sure you’re taking some personal time for yourself. A great form of physical, emotional and spiritual self-care is Yoga. As a team we can highly recommend this YouTube channel if Yoga is something you might be interested in? We had weekly Yoga sessions with Jane before lockdown and always felt great afterwards. Her video sessions are great also: Radiant Heart Yoga by Jane

This graphic from has great practical tips on ways to practice daily Self-care right now.

Finally, please don’t hesitate to contact us during this time if there is anything you think we might be able to help with. We’d be happy to offer assistance with anything we can and always welcome the opportunity to engage with you all. We’d even love to hear any of your tips for self-care right now!

Take care and see you soon!

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