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Pre-Reg Pharmacists & COVID-19 – Can I still register?

Pre-reg dilemma

Normally, this time of year sees us excited to welcome a new group of Pre-reg pharmacists to our team. We are usually preparing you for the beginning of your career as a newly qualified locum pharmacist. However, Covid-19 has really turned all our usual procedures and expectations on their head.

The inability to provide safe examining conditions has resulted in the hiatus of the registration examination this year. As a result of that, newly qualified pharmacists will now be considered ‘Provisionally Registered’ until they can sit the exam at a future date. Provisionally registered pharmacists will not be allowed to undertake work on a locum basis. You can read the full guidance and download the provisional registration criteria on the GPhC website: Click here

When will I be able to work as a locum?

According to the GPhC guidance, ‘The policy confirms that individuals who are provisionally registered must sit the registration assessment at the first opportunity if they are fit to do so and must pass the registration assessment in order to remain on the register’. The GPhC advise that ‘individuals will be given a minimum of two months’ notice of the date for the assessment’. As a result, we assume that you will be able to locum once you have passed the registration assessment. At this point in time (July 2020) a date for assessments still hasn’t been announced.

Should I still register with Pharmaseekers?

If you want to work as a locum after completing your assessment then yes, register with us. We will keep your registration pending on our system and when you pass your assessment we can activate your account.

Further information

For more guidance on our pre-reg registration and working with us as a newly qualified pharmacist, you can read our blogs here and here.

If you have any further questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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