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Popular Services; Are you accredited?

Services – how important are they really?

Being accredited to deliver a particular service is often a crucial factor in us being able to offer you work. Not being able to deliver certain services can mean you miss out on popular, local shifts that are allocated to pharmacists who do have the necessary documents.

We want to remind you that these services are popular and sought after by our (and your!) customers. Most CCG’s now embrace Declarations of Competence (DoCs) so getting the accreditations is simpler than ever and for most areas, one declaration per service is all you need.

Here are our recommendations

We highly recommend you start your learning with these particular services:

  1. Emergency Contraception

  2. Minor Ailments

  3. Substance Misuse – Supervised Consumption of prescribed medicines

  4. Substance Misuse – Needle and Syringe programme (NSP)

Please see “Services in demand locally” on your online diary and discover which services are in demand in your area.

Your CPPE account should be your first port of call for any support. From here you can access the Declaration of Competence area and this gives you access to frameworks for each service. Each framework provides details on the essential and recommended learning and assessments for the related service.

PGDs are also a good source of information because they provide information on the essential learning needed in order to provide a service in a particular area. Take a look at the PSNC website for copies of the service PGDs for the areas you mostly work in.

Referring to the PGDs in addition to the declaration frameworks should really help focus your areas of studying. Also, don’t be afraid of asking us for help too. A lot of our locums are real service experts therefore we can always seek out guidance and advice from our other locums for you.

Happy learning!

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