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Pharmaseekers: The Virtues of a Locum Agency

At Pharmaseekers, we are passionate and confident about the agency service we provide to our clients.

Currently, the locum world is full of different avenues for locums to find work and companies to source locums. Some of these avenues use alternative methods such as online platforms in which locums and companies can meet but have to do the majority of the booking process themselves. Pharmaseekers still use modern, online facilities but we act as the driving force behind the booking process. We know that our agency provides a genuinely valuable service to our clients.

So when there are so many options, we wanted to tell you why Pharmaseekers is the one you should choose.

What can our agency offer you, a customer who is looking for locums?

A Motivated Service

We want to cover your vacancies. It is, and will always remain, our main goal. When you tell us you have medical appointments, family occasions or just need a break; this means something to us. We listen to you, we care and we want to do our best for you. We’re a small, dedicated team of four who feel invested in the service you receive from us.

A Proactive Service

From the point your vacancies are live on our system, to the point they’re covered or no longer needed, we are actively working on them. We are constantly looking at new approaches to cover your vacancies, it’s not a one attempt and then give up system. We work collaboratively as a team on all vacancies. This means all our customers get the benefit of our collective experience.

An Agency Lead Service

As mentioned above we are motivated and proactive in getting your vacancies covered. We lead and carry out the work required, it’s not left to you. Your vacancies when posted with us aren’t just left for the right locum to hopefully see them, we are actively looking for the right locum.

A Dynamic Service

We are consistently thinking about and implementing developments to our systems. All in the aim of achieving the most efficient and effective service for all our users. By listening to your feedback, we try to incorporate as much of it as possible into future developments. A lot of our time (and funds!) are invested into improving our system for the benefit of all users.

A Human Service

We put no barriers up against inbound contact from you, we enjoy and encourage engagement from all our users. We don’t divert you through inadequate automated chat functions or only communicate in writing. We’re here to discuss your issues, concerns and queries in whichever way suits you. We know not every query can be answered via an FAQ entry.


And what we can we offer you, a locum who is looking for work?

A lot of the above also applies to the motivated, hands on approach we take to providing our locums with their service. But let us provide some more specifics on what you can expect as a Pharmaseekers locum.

A Tailored Experience

We know each of our locums are unique, as is what they need from our agency. To the best of our ability, we will work around what you need. If you prefer minimal contact with the team, you can do everything you need to secure shifts via your online diary, keeping contact to a minimum. If you prefer a more involved approach with us, you can call us to discuss shifts and the type of work you’re looking for. Free only evenings and weekends? Not a problem, we’ll focus on looking for shifts within those times.

An Invested Representative

As your representative to companies, we aim to deal with as much as we can on your behalf so you don’t have to. We make sure companies know you have all the correct credentials and we let them know what services you’re accredited to do. If a company have you booked and would like you to move to another location, we deal with these discussions on your behalf. As we get to know you better and learn your preferences, the more we’re able to deal with on your behalf. You set your rates on your account with us and we act as your representative when negotiation is available on vacancies. Also, we’ll be here to deal with any payment queries you haven’t been able to resolve.

A CPD support base

Industry changes often affect our locums. We invest time to research what is required of you so we can provide you with detailed support. You may find it useful that we create documents explaining the training requirements for new essential services and PQS schemes. You can also benefit from our yearly Peer Review process by which we pair up locums who need to find a peer to complete the discussion element of their Revalidation. Your questions or queries will always be welcome. We encourage queries about new services or locum specific requirements you might not have been aware of prior to becoming a locum. If we don’t know the answer, we’ll help you find someone who does!

A Personal Touch

We’ve mentioned that we genuinely care about our customers receiving a great service and the same is just as true for our locums. Our small, dedicated team get to know our locums really well and we care about them. You’re not just a number to us, you’re an individual and an important professional. We love hearing about your personal and professional successes. Likewise, we are here to offer an ear for any issues you have too. We recognise that you are your own business as well and we want to help you represent yourself in the best possible way. We’ll offer you advice and constructive feedback whenever we can if we think it will be of benefit to your business.

Overall, we hope we have given you a good understanding of the benefits of working with Pharmaseekers.

If you would like to register with us, you can do so here: Companies Locums

We’re happy to answer any queries you may have, you can contact us by email at or call us on 01254 870510

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