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Pharmaseekers June Challenge: 1,000,000 Steps

The sun is shining, we’re fed up of being stuck inside and lockdown is slowly winding down!

As a team we wanted to do something in June that allowed us to enjoy the weather and our new found freedom. We also wanted to do something that would challenge us. We decided to undertake a step challenge and work as a team toward a collective step goal. We liked the idea of being able to enjoy more time outdoors whilst also doing something active. We decided that a goal of 1,000,000 steps for June would be a hard but achievable goal for the four of us!

Each week we will have a goal based on the number of days in the week. We’re taking photos along the way of things we see on our travels and keep a track of the steps we’re doing towards our goal.

Is it really a challenge?

Yes! It really is.  We are a small team of four which means as individuals, we need to achieve 250,000 steps each in 30 days. As a company we’re open from 07:00am-17:30pm in an office environment, we each work 8 hour shifts at a desk.  Outside of office hours, we all have different obligations which can make it really hard for us to find the time we need to meet our step target every day of the week. We’ve all had to shake up our schedules and be innovative with our time management.

Week 1

Dates: Tuesday 1st June – Sunday 6th June

Length: 6 days

Weekly goal: 200,010 steps

Steps made: 234,818!!

Comments: So far so good! We’re enjoying the challenge and the change of routine. It’s a new talking point as a team, discussing the different things we’ve done to achieve our steps. Each of us are surpassing our goal most days and we’re excited to carry on!

Week 2

Dates: Monday 7th June – Sunday 13th June

Length: 7 days

Weekly goal: 233,345 steps

Steps made: 279,634!!

Comments: Wow, what a great week. In total, we’ve done over 500,000 steps so far, we’re well on the way to meeting our goal. We might even hit it early!

Week 3

Dates: Monday 14th June – Sunday 20th June

Length: 7 days

Weekly goal: 233,345 steps

Steps made: 295,723!!

Comments: Well, we even surprised ourselves this week! An extra 62,378 steps over our target. A couple of long weekend walks added some extra steps for us. At this point, we have now done 810,163 steps and we still have another 10 days to go. We definitely expect to meet our target early now!


Week 4

Dates: Monday 21st June – Friday 25th June

Length: 5 days

Weekly goal: Should be 233,345 steps but we only had to get 189,837 to meet our 1,000,000 target.

Steps made: 227,448!!

Comments: WE DID IT!! We reached our goal 5 days early and finished strong on the last day by doing 15,460 over our daily target. We can honestly say we’ve loved the challenge. It’s kept us active, competitive in a good way and given our routine a bit of a shake up. Some of us are even thinking of carrying it on for the foreseeable future as we enjoyed it so much! Thanks for joining us on our journey!

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