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Pharmacy Services: The Next Big Thing?

Why are services important to me right now?

Pharmacy owners are looking for ways to make their necessary expenditure cost effective following recent cuts to community pharmacy funding.This in turn means that a lot of companies, big & small, who make use of locum pharmacists will be looking to book locums who are able & willing to provide services. This includes both nationally and locally commissioned services.

We encourage our locums to spend as much of their free time as possible on training & learning packs for these services to make themselves more valuable. Particularly in this current climate when pharmacies will be scrutinising their costs.

How you can get accredited.

Most of our customers are looking to see copies of valid declarations of competence. Declarations are used as evidence of a locum’s ability to provide the services companies need.

We recommend that you make use of your CPPE account and the information provided for declarations of competence. CPPE have a comprehensive framework for each service with recommended and essential learning. Locums using our system have access to information about the number of services being offered by local pharmacies.  You can then make an informed decision on what to study and also be working towards your CPD.

Any questions please feel free to give us a call on 01254 870510 or  email us at

Further information: CPPE Declaration of Competence PageClick Here

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