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Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) – 2022/2023

PQS Criteria guidelines for pharmacists

As with the last couple of years, the Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS) is again available for pharmacies to engage in.

For those unsure about what PQS is, it is a funding scheme for pharmacies who can receive funds if they successfully meet a set of criteria. Some criteria are the same year to year but for the most part, the main elements change. Pharmacies must declare they meet the criteria within the declaration period.

The declaration period for this year is  between 9am on Monday 6th February 2023 and 11.59pm on 3rd March 2023.

Why does this affect locums?

A lot of the PQS criteria to be met involves the knowledge and skills of staff in branch (including locums) on the day the pharmacy make their PQS declaration.  If a locum is working in the branch on the day the pharmacy declare, they need to meet the criteria relevant to their role, for the pharmacy to qualify. The declaration period lasts for nearly a month, therefore it is recommended that all locums complete the training so they can support their customers.

All companies using our service will be able to see if your are PQS accredited or not.

All pharmacy professionals can support the scheme in some way.

What do I need to do?

Pharmaseekers locums can contact us and we will provide you with a checklist of learning you need to complete for your pharmacy role:


  1. Any training from HEE or PHE requires you to have an e-LfH account. You need to register with them. It’s fine to use a personal email address as the content you need to can still be accessed with a personal email.

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