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Locum Rate of Pay & Control

Locums: you have the ability to control the rate of pay that you are willing to work for.

To do this, select “Rates of Pay” in your online diary. You can either select our pre-populated “Standard Rates” or you can specify a particular rate of pay that you require. We will then only offer work to you that matches (or exceeds) this specified rate.

In addition to this, you can also specify a rate of pay required for a specific day. Just click on the diary date in question and click on “Change my minimum rate of pay for this day”.

Customers / Pharmacy owners / Locum coordinators: you have the ability to control the rate of pay that you are willing to pay locums.

You can specify the rate of pay when you add your vacancy online.

Our system is designed to handle market forces. As we have seen in the past, the supply of work and therefore rates of pay can fluctuate. We have provided a tool that manages this simply by taking account of the rate each locum has indicated he or she will work for when searching for suitably qualified locums.

This is particularly useful at times of high demand, for example Eid. We ask the locum what is the minimum rate that you are prepared to work for and we ask our customer (pharmacy owner/locum coordinator) what is the maximum that they are prepared to pay. We allow you to meet in the middle.

Our locums can chose whether to accept or reject work at the touch of a button, there is no pressure to accept bookings, in fact we insist that you only accept work that you are willing and able to do (having made this decision with the rate of pay in mind).

We do however ask, that you make this decision quickly as our business is doing bookings, and if you don’t want to take the booking, another locum may do.

Emergency Vacancies

Our short notice vacancies (emergencies) are handled in a different way to advance vacancies. You will receive a text that links into your online diary (providing that your diary is up to date and your diary day is set to free).

By clicking on the link you will see if the vacancy is still needed, you can accept or reject online. If you would like to offer your services at a rate higher than offered you can state the amount that you require in the notes box. We will make your offer to the pharmacy and book in if accepted.

We would prefer that you offer to help at a higher rate than not at all. If it’s rejected it could be because another locum can cover it at a lower rate, but likewise it may be that you are nearer to the branch and can get there quicker, so they may accept yours at the higher rate regardless.

Good Feedback

We have a reputation with our customers for sending them excellent quality locums. Read our blog on tips to help you get good feedback from your pharmacist for advice on how you can boost your reputation and become a favoured locum.

Once you have completed a locum shift we obtain feedback. If the branch was happy with you and you fit in well they may provide good feedback and we will offer future work in that branch to you first in the future.

If you’re interested in becoming a Pharmaseekers locum or would like more information about how our system of placing locums, handling rates and gaining good feedback works, you’re always welcome to get in touch with our friendly and helpful team

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