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Katie’s Star Wars Blog

After mourning the end of the Hobbit trilogy last Christmas, which had kept my inner nerdy fan girl at bay, it was with much delight that I found out my Christmas’ would be made that much better over the next few years with the addition of the next episodes of Star Wars.

The build up to the new movie has been epic in proportions, as expected, as it’s a franchise that has hooked people for four decades. People are fiercely protective of these stories and characters so I carefully avoided any spoilers or reviews. I didn’t want other fans to ruin it for me by going over every syllable of dialogue and each frame and pointing out problems. Just watch the movie and enjoy it!

After scouring the net for an IMAX 3D showing (I wanted to see X-Wings and TIE fighters flying in full glory) we set off for a midnight show and boy am I glad I did.

It was brilliant seeing old familiar faces, even if they are a little more creased than when we last saw them. I thought the movie was great and I really enjoyed the script, the fighting was intense and as always, the noise of the lightsabres was thrilling.

I really enjoyed the addition of the new characters and it was nice to have interactions and dialogue that you knew you were supposed to find funny, which was a relief after the introduction of Jar Jar Binks in Episode One which everyone laughed AT not WITH.

Like the complete nerd I am I gasped when we discovered the main twist of story and I’m still enjoying thinking about what might be coming next.

I don’t mind that EVERYTHING wasn’t explained by the end of the movie, I like having to wait till the next episode before some more loose ends are tied up, otherwise, where is the anticipation?

As much as I enjoyed the movie and recommend it, it would be bit difficult to get into it if you haven’t watched any of the previous episodes as not only will most of the story be lost but you just won’t have the emotional ties to the recurring characters and that definitely effects the viewing of the movie.

So, if you’ve watched all the previous movies and haven’t seen The Force Awakens then GO! If you haven’t seen any of the previous ones then get hold of the DVDs and use one of the upcoming Bank Holidays to get up to speed

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