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How to be a great Pharmaseekers locum

Our mission in life is to give a great service to both our locums and our pharmacy customers.

We hope you agree that we do provide a great service to you – but a part of our mission to give a great service to customers is in your hands.

As we’ve been booking locums for over 13 years we feel as though we have learned a thing or two about what makes a great locum & how to obtain more work. We wanted share with you some tips.This follows on from our blog on “How to get great feedback” it’s all the peripheral stuff apart from simply doing a very good job.

  Don’t cancel

Only take the bookings you can fulfil, the beauty of being a locum is you choose when you work, but once you have accepted a booking you must follow it through. If you decide to take a permanent job, please bear in mind any existing bookings and let this be known at interview stage, don’t let your customer down (Its likely you may come back to do locum work)

Be sure to get great feedback

By doing a great job and getting good feedback you will get more booking offers here. See our blog for more tips on getting good feedback.“How to get great feedback”


Occasionally customers will ask you to change the location of your booking (within reason) by agreeing to this you are building a great reputation for yourself that they will remember and want to book you

Be available in the summer time

This is always the key time to be available, if you don’t have restrictions we suggest taking holidays in winter and you can make extra money by being available for work throughout the summer which is generally May-August

Be prepared

Breakdown cover, a satnav and a functional spare tyre is essential.  This is even more important in winter, please see Amy’s blog on “being prepared for a breakdown” A smart phone with google maps is recommended for when you’re locating the branch on foot.

Be punctual

A really important factor to delivering a good service is punctuality. We give you as much information as we can in your diary about each booking so you can effectively plan your journey to arrive on time, preferable 10 minutes early so you’re ready to start when the branch opens. We understand that sometimes things outside of our control cause us to be late but in these circumstances we ask that you call us as soon as you suspect you’ll be late, let us know why and keep us updated as much as possible so we can let the company know. *As you can imagine, if they have to call us 20 minutes after opening to say you haven’t arrived, not only will they be very anxious about losing business but it also doesn’t reflect favourably on either you or our agency.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog we really hope it is useful for you.

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