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Happy Holidays for 2022 and Charity Donation

Our chosen charity for Christmas 2022…

Seasons greetings everyone.

Our business is in Darwen and we like contributing to the local community. This year, we’ve chosen another local charity called the 180 Project.

Some of our team have had the pleasure of being able to witness the amazing results this charity’s hard work and determination have achieved.

The 180 Project describing their work say “At 180 we blend CrossFit with education and life coaching… to help change lives. People get physically, mentally, emotionally well, and socially connected.”

The 180 Project bring their unique approach and support to various settings where it’s needed most; this ranges from collaborations with schools and police services, up to work within prisons.

You can read more about The 180 Project and their specific work here on their projects page.

If like us, you too feel like this unique cause is worthy of support, you can do so here: 

Best wishes for the festive season and New Year to come.

Amy, Rebecca, Shabana and Katie

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