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Covid-19 Vaccinations – Prepared & Enthusiastic locums available

Light at the end of the tunnel…

We are so happy to see so many people already vaccinated against COVID-19. At the time this blog was written (24/02/21 data from website), there are already 17,916,181 people who have received their first dose of a vaccine, with 642,788 of those people having already received their second dose.

We’re especially happy that some of those vaccines will have been delivered by pharmacists we at Pharmaseekers have supplied to our customers delivering vaccines. We’re extremely proud of the hard work and dedication our locums have shown in the past year. They have been prepared and willing to do everything they could to tackle this deadly virus.

Vaccine providers…

If your company has successfully applied to provide a vaccination clinic then please bear our service in mind. We have locums who are prepared and have completed the necessary training and documentation to provide the vaccines. They’re enthusiastic about their work as well.

In addition to providing locums to deliver vaccines, our customers are also using our service to provide in-branch support whilst their own staff are delivering vaccines off-site.  It may be that you need non-pharmacist support such as dispensing assistants or technicians. So again, please bear us in mind for this.

We’d love to continue to help more companies deliver vaccines so please get in touch if you think our service could offer you the support you need.

Email us:

Call us: 01254 870 510

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