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Buying Your Own Pharmacy Series; Pharmacy Purchase Road Map

For this month’s shorter offering, Steve Jeffers from Pharmacy Seekers is sharing a visual guide to the buying process.

With thanks to John Clarke the Head of Healthcare at Wesleyan Bank for providing this illustrative Road Map

Additional information from Pharmacy Seekers

As a responsible and pro-active sales agent, Pharmacy Seekers will provide all the information to a prospective buyer during the first five steps of the road map. All whilst seeking to make minimal demand on the vendors time.

Through our sister company, PS Finance, we can also assist with the formulation of the financial business plan and introduce the prospective buyer to suitable lenders who are keen to lend to the pharmacy sector. A future article will discuss in more detail the range of lenders that are available to buyers.

Pharmacy Seekers directors will also play a background role during all of the other stages of the buying process, up to and including, completion. This is to ensure that the process is as smooth as possible and that any queries raised by either the vendor or the buyers legal and financial representatives are dealt with efficiently.

Please contact Pharmacy Seekers if you wish to discuss any of the individual steps in the Road Map.

Steve Jeffers

Pharmacy Seekers

(Pharmaseekers are not affiliated with Pharmacy Seekers)

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