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Being Prepared For A Car Breakdown

Working as a locum, you will know that arriving on time is a priority. Being late can set you off to a bad start and could impact your reputation as a reliable locum. You will also want your journey to be stress-free and easy, so the last thing you want is to breakdown.

Not only do you need to assess your journey time, allow extra time for parking, traffic and contingency, you also need to make sure that your car is prepared for breakdown.

How to prepare

If you do breakdown you will definitely need to be enrolled with a breakdown service such as The RAC, AA or Greenflag. You can do so for as little as £40 per year.

Regular services for your car are vital in the prevention of breakdowns. The AA has produced a helpful list of the ten most common causes of car breakdown and how to prevent them. Preventative measure should deal with most problems related to breakdowns.  A little DIY or a qualified mechanic can put these measures in place for you.

A flat tyre is an inconvenient problem that can be easily and quickly resolved. By these few simple measures you can reduce the risk of getting a flat tyre, as well as be prepared if it does.

  1. Check your tyre pressure and tread depth regularly. Tyre pressure can be a cause of a flat tyre and is especially important in the cold winter months. Correct tyre pressures can also help increase fuel economy, WIN-WIN!

  2. Carry the necessary equipment for use in the event of a flat tyre or breakdown. Ensure your spare wheel is ready for use and you have all the tools such as a jack and wheel brace. If you need it; remember your locking wheel nut. Know where to go for help; your car user manual usually has instructions on how to change your wheel. (If in doubt or on the motorway, don’t try to change it yourself, just call the breakdown service).

Extra advice

  1. Winter time is when you need to be extra prepared. Bad weather causes all sorts of problems for the driver. Read our blog for advice on travelling in wintry weather.

  2. If you do encounter a problem that means you are going to be late for your shift, please call our office on 01254 870510 to let us know. It may be that you will be delayed for some time so we will decide what to do together.

Happy driving folks!

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