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7 tips on how to get great feedback for Locum Pharmacists

  1. Be 10 minutes early; first impressions count, always plan your journey in advance, assess the parking options, call the shop to ask where is best, allow contingency time for unexpected delays

  2. Read beforehand where possible and be up to date on the Pharmacies SOPs

  3. Look presentable, always try to make a good impression, aim to look 10% better than the usual pharmacist

  4. Be especially personable and charming to the patients, they are after all your customer’s customers

  5. Communication is key, get involved; serve on the counter, help to unpack the delivery, counsel patients and deliver as many services as you can

  6. If working at an Independent it’s a good idea to quickly understand how to deal with payments and the till, how they prepare and store prescriptions for collection. If you can quickly fit into a pharmacy’s usual way to work then the easier you will make it for the staff. By understanding how they work you will be able to closely match the usual Pharmacist’s role and staff will appreciate this

  7. Towards the end of your shift, be sure to complete everything and leave a note for the next Pharmacist

  8. We ask our customers for feedback about our locums and the locums with great feedback get asked back in the future

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