Discovering Locums: Booking Dispensary Staff

Lots of pharmacists choose to work as locums. Pharmacies and dispensaries in most sectors of the health industry make use of their valuable services. What isn’t as widely known is that a significant proportion of dispensary staff also choose to provide their services as locums. Dispensers (NVQ2), Technicians (NVQ3) and ACTs are all roles we at Pharmaseekers welcome registrations for. We have locums in these roles already working and providing invaluable service to our customers.

You might also assume that dispensary staff can only work in traditional dispensaries. However we have supplied, with great success, dispensary staff to a broad range of healthcare related settings. You can read more about this in our blog here: READ HERE

These past couple of years, we’ve seen a great increase in the demand for dispensary staff. Our locum dispensers and technicians have been providing valuable dispensary cover to our customers. They have covered holidays, sickness and periods when dispensaries are experiencing increased workload.

After booking their first locum dispenser or technician, some of our customers have expressed regret at not having done so before! In the past, a lot of pharmacies worked with a decreased staff force without knowing they could book dispensary locums. Now they wouldn’t go back!

If you are a pre-existing customers and would like to post vacancies for dispensary staff, just make sure that all the roles you need are selected in your Manage Locum Types screen.

If you are a new customer to Pharmaseekers you can register here: REGISTER

As always, please feel free to contact us with any questions or queries.