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At Pharmaseekers, we pride ourselves on providing the level of support a community pharmacy needs, which we’re proud to say, has built relationships with some very happy customers. Please take a look at some of our testimonials below.

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Testimonials From Pharmacies Using Us!


“The Pharmaseekers team are friendly, reliable and very professional. They provide an exceptional service which includes invaluable out of hours assistance. Any concerns that I had before using them were completely erased once I’d spoken to the staff and experienced the straight forward online b…

Lo’s Pharmacy
Jun 3, 2019

James Sawyer

We have been working with the girls at Pharmaseekers on a regular basis for the past nine years and find them to provide an excellent, reliable service. They have been extremely helpful and professional recently in ensuring we only have locum pharmacists covering our pharmacies with all the latest d…

Area Manager at Whittle Pharmacies
Jun 3, 2019

Stephen Rew M.R.PharmS

“I have been the owner of one pharmacy in Liverpool for the past nine years. When I needed locums I used to call a locum agency to see if they could arrange a locum for me. This involved a number of phone calls, some during my busy periods, with the standard of locum provided invariably poor a…

Director at Gateacre Chemists Ltd
Jun 3, 2019


Testimonials From Locums Using Us!

Sean Chu (Siang Kwok Chu)

“I have been with Pharmaseekers for 9 years now as a locum and pharmacy owner seeking locums and I think it’s a very well run company. The staff understand my needs and achieve a fair balance between what a locum and employer wants. As a locum they try to accommodate my requirements as m…

Locum Pharmacist
Jun 3, 2019

Cathryn Brown

“When I first started locuming, I was suffering from a lack of confidence in my skills and abilities, but the support I got from Rebecca and her team really helped me realise that I’m a good pharmacist I find using the website to check my bookings and to update my availability really simple …

Locum Pharmacist
Jun 3, 2019

Joshua Bwalya Chungu

“Since I signed up to locum work, Pharmaseekers have taken the worry, anxiety and apprehension off my shoulders. Their ability to match your availability to work available makes a big difference compared to other agencies. They literally do all the ground work, all you have to do is turn up at…

Locum Pharmacist
Jun 3, 2019


Since working for Pharmaseekers I have been in regular employment as a full time locum pharmacist, they have helped me to register with the large multiple and independent pharmacy businesses. Without this help I imagine it would have taken me a long time to make these connections as a lone pharmacis…

Registered Pharmacist
Jun 3, 2019

Paul Innocent

“I have worked with Pharmaseekers on 2 separate occasions, from 2002 to 2005 and after a 10 year break in Ireland from April 2016 although I was in contact with them from Aug 2014. 

When I looked at returning I was a little daunted by all the form filling and the level of details they looked …

Locum Pharmacist
Jun 3, 2019


Testimonials From Locum Dispenser Using Us!

Henry Baldy

“My experience with Pharmaseekers has been a resoundingly good one. They’ve been consistent with getting me jobs and always willing to go above and beyond to make sure I get the best I can from any jobs I work. At first I was obviously worried about whether or not there would be many loc…

Locum Dispenser
Jun 3, 2019


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