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Pharmaseekers’ Permanent Pharmacy recruitment Service Can Make a Perfect Match For Your Pharmacy

Our innovative permanent pharmacy recruitment service brings together locums seeking permanent full-time or part-time roles and retail community pharmacy employers recruiting for permanent pharmacist job vacancies.

The Benefits of Pharmaseekers’ Permanent Pharmacy Recruitment Service

Pharmaseekers helps to fill pharmacy vacancies in a way that benefits both employers and candidates.  Our innovative recruitment service brings together locum pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, ACTs and dispensers seeking to move into a permanent role with retail community pharmacy employers who need to fill permanent vacancies.

Our system provides the perfect opportunity for applicants to experience a permanent pharmacy job role – full-time or part-time – initially on a locum basis.  As a pharmacist, dispenser, technician  or ACT using our pharmacy recruitment service, you’ll be able to demonstrate your capabilities while also working alongside a prospective new employer and other team members, before making a longterm commitment to the post.  

This gives you the unique opportunity to experience the role and be sure you are fully comfortable with all aspects before committing to the position.  In doing this, you can be confident that you’ve found a permanent pharmacy job role to suit not only your qualifications and abilities but also your personality.

As an employer using our pharmacy recruitment service, you’ll no longer have to rely solely on an interview to choose the right person to fill your permanent pharmacy job vacancy.  You’ll also get the chance to see qualified and experienced pharmacy staff in action and decide whether they fit in with your existing pharmacy team. You’ll be able to observe, assess and measure, with the opportunity to trial any candidate until satisfied before making a final selection on who will fill your vacancy.

Pharmaseekers’ permanent pharmacy recruitment service will ultimately save you time and costs in finding the right person to complement your successful pharmacy.

How Does The Pharmacist Recruitment Service Work?


Locums registered with Pharmaseekers: You may notify us of your wish to find a permanent pharmacy job along with your relevant criteria through your diary screen.  We will contact you with permanent vacancy offers that meet your criteria.  Then it’s up to you to demonstrate your capabilities on the day!

This service is available for locum pharmacists, locum dispensers and locum technicians seeking permanent full-time or part-time employment.


When you notify Pharmaseekers of your locum vacancy, you can also indicate your interest in our permanent pharmacy recruitment service along with key details. If we have a suitable locum seeking a permanent pharmacist, dispenser, technician or ACT job, we will advise you when we offer the locum for the vacancy. You will have the chance to witness the locum carrying out his or her role in your pharmacy.

You are free to try out as many or as few locums for your permanent pharmacy job vacancy as you wish and to bring back any locum for further assignments until you are satisfied.

This service is now available at a flat rate of £1,000 plus VAT per recruit until June 2018

* Please refer to our terms for further details


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