Pre-Reg Pharmacists

You can never be too prepared.

We understand that for Pre Regs, time is precious. With the demands of an 8-hour a day full-time job at your placement and additional importance of studying for your assessment, how you allocate your time must be right, especially when keeping up the appearances of a healthy, young social life.

It’s for this reason, at Pharmaseekers, we’ve brought the Pre-Reg Pharmacistsresources you need under one roof to help manage and plan your Pre Reg year. Particularly important is the critical period you’ll face once your time at your placement is up and you’ve – obviously! – passed your Pre Reg Assessment.

That critical ‘after’ period is important. It can seem, during placement, as if there’s no thought for time but the present and yet, your training will soon be up before you know it and you’ll be faced with the question: Now I’m qualified, where should I go?

It could be you’ve already had thoughts about this: perhaps you’ve made an impression at your placement to continue on once your placement is up. Possibly, you could be one of the many to consider working inside your local GP surgery.

Or possibly, you might be considering the route of the locum: the pharmacists who work the hours they want to work on the days they want to work. To enquire more about the benefits of being a locum pharmacist and how Pharmaseekers can help you manage your time, why not join our team of thriving locums here.

Whether locuming is a consideration for you now or you’re more keen on working full-time under one roof, we’ve gone out of our way to provide you with some of the answers to the many questions you will have as you prepare for the rite of passage that is your Pre Reg exam.

Where do I go? What are my options? What’s the right route of work for me? Browse our resource centre of helpful tips and advice.

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