Locum Pharmacy Booking fees

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Booking Fees

Locum Pharmacist Pricing   Booking fee (per locum, per day) £19
paying locums   *Emergency Fee £25
paying locum pharmacies   Cancellations £6

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The Booking fee is due when Pharmaseekers introduce a Locum to a Customer in order to fill a vacancy. It is payable both in respect of each pharmacy attended by that Locum and for each and every day or part thereof that the Locum works for the Customer.

* An emergency booking is one made the day before, or on the same day

VAT will be added at the standard rate

Locum Outsourcing

Let us take care of all your locum bookings. We’ll manage everything from recruitment to quality checking and matching, including providing an out of hours service

Call Rebecca, Shabana, Amy or Katie on 01254 870510

Permanent Recruitment

If you employ a locum that has been introduced by Pharmaseekers a fee of £2500 + VAT  is due per recruit