Pharmaseekers new website & rebrand

When we started our business in 2002 we adopted the slogan “The helpful locum agency” Since then we have grown and developed our bookings management software system, but we have always insisted that the pursuit of great customer service be paramount.

About a year ago we realised that most of our new customers came from other customers’ and locums’ recommendations and that we might be missing a trick! So we set about a re-branding exercise designed to take us back to our core principles and values with the objective of renewing our image through our website and our communications, e mails, letterheads and all.

We restated our values as Reliable, Responsive , Efficient and Effective and our mission as: Pharmaseekers process hand-picks locums to suit you and your staff and delivers them reliably and easily. We aim to always send locums with the right chemistry for your Pharmacy who will deliver an outstanding service for your customers.

We took a good long look at all the ways that we have tried to develop our customer service over the years and realised that when we made a list of customer benefits they represented a good list of the reasons why our customers use our service. But whilst our customers knew about them, we thought it might be useful to explain them to prospective customers too.

After 12 years of managing and booking Locums we realised we really do know Locums and came up with our new slogan: “We know locums”

Over this time we have put great effort into finding Locums that “fit” in with our customers and we came up with the phrase: “We’ll find the right locum for the right job”

At Pharmaseekers we decided to join the social media communities through Linked in and Twitter. Clearly this is the modern way to communicate with customers and prospective customers so here we go!